THE ONDÉVIT MORAL CODE

 The Ondévit Therapist has total respect for life and for the energy with which he works.

He totally respects the energetic integrity of the client.

The Ondévit energy balances out a shortage or a surplus of energy.

When the client needs the energy of a word, the Therapist can never tell whether it is due to a shortage or a surplus of energy.

The Therapist does his utmost to stay totally neutral in order not to influence the answers of his client with his own thoughts.

He respects the physical and spiritual duality of the client.

The Therapist never tests words without giving the corresponding necessary products.

 He respects the choices of his client.

The Therapist is free to give some information to his client, but he must let his client make all the decisions himself. The client is free to improve or reduce the quality of his life.

 He totally respects medical diagnoses.

Ondévit does not make medical diagnoses.

If in doubt about the client=s health, the Therapist should advise him to consult a doctor.

He totally respects medical treatment given to a client.

The Ondévit Therapist never intervenes in either a classical or an alternative medical treatment. He could, however, offer to diminish the negative side-effects of certain products or medicines prescribed to the client.

 He totally respects the confidentialities and problems of the client.

The Ondévit Therapist is obliged to respect a professional oath, unless exempted by law.

 He respects the religious and philosophical beliefs of the client.

We ensure that this code is respected in all its articles  

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