When you have seen these videos you already have a good idea of ​​what you can expect from an Ondévit therapist during your first consultation.
An Ondevit therapist will never ask you to undress except to make your muscle test more convenient.
He respects your integrity to the maximum.
An Ondevit therapist cannot make a medical diagnosis. It only measures disharmonies. Disharmonies are not symptoms of disease.
Disharmonies are always and first of all at the level of energies.
The Ondévit card test is done blindly for you and most of the time for the therapist.
A therapist will not tell you the words or phrases they are testing on you.
If you visit an experienced therapist he may advise you to see a doctor to confirm or refute what he has found with the energies.
Attention, unconsciously or knowingly you can energetically hide very serious illnesses so have your condition checked by analyses.
The price of the consultation
Minimum requirements that an Ondévit therapist must meet:
The therapist performs a muscle test. Your arm will be used most often. During the test, blue Ondevit cards and a toroidal magnet are used. The test results are still suitable for daily use. The Ondevit therapist has great freedom in the choice of words to be tested and in the structure of the test. The test is tailored to your needs with the aim of providing you with optimal support. You must let it be known that you are coming for an Ondevit treatment.
The guidelines of the foundation in Europe are:
– consultation price: between 50,- € and 85, -.€ (Netherlands tariffs 2017)
– consultation plus products: average price 160, – €, maximum 250, – €. (2017 rates)
The consultation usually lasts about 2 hours.
The treatment is usually valid for one month.
Ondévit was fully or partially reimbursed by various health or mutual insurance companies in the Netherlands. Do not hesitate to contact your insurer or your mutual if you think that the treatment has given good results and deserves to be reimbursed.
What is the price of your health?
By comparison, the price per hour of a French craftsman varies from 50 to 80 euros per hour of labor. The price of the trip will cost you between 30 and 60 euros. Depending on the region, a patch is to be applied.


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