YOUR RESULTS

When a therapist gives you an Ondevit treatment, you are the center of the world.
He is dealing with you and not someone else. Your treatment is personal.
Your therapist will not give you (except in exceptional cases) chemical products, which are made to fight symptoms, which do not belong to you.
He will be able to advise you on food supplements because our food is getting poorer from year to year.
He can advise you on a diet.
He can recommend other therapies.
In short, he will do everything so that YOU can get better, whatever your condition.

                                                                                    RESULTS OF CENTER ONDÉVIT OF SOUTH-LIMBOURG (THE NETHERLANDS)

                                                                                                                           By Bert van der Veek Engineer
                                                                                                                                 Sample about 600 clients

The statistics below are remarkable and made by Ondévit therapists themselves.

The results of the center of the South-Limbourg were divided into 5 categories from any improvement to disappearance of all the symptoms.

Only 2% of the cases did not present any improvement.

Consequently 98% of the cases presented improvements.

47% of the forms of investigation show that all the symptoms disappeared.

This is partly with the fact that the people send their form during their treatment without awaiting the end.

It happens that people cancel their go because it is not necessary any more.

They have cured themselves and forget Ondévit.

Via other customers we learn that they are well. At the analysis of the notebook of appointment and contacts which we have, we estimate that the percentage of people who do not have any more symptoms is approximately the double of that mentioned above is 95%

No  change 2% 
Symptoms in less 6% 
All decreased symptoms 23% 
Some disappeared symptoms 22%
No symptoms 64%

Use of drugs after the Ondévit treatment
Only 17% continue with the same drugs.
 64% do not use any more drugs.
No changes 17% 
A little less 5% 
Much less 14%
Not any more 64% 

A number of visits in the doctor
From 5,7 times per year percentage falls to 0,8 times per year 

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