THE RESEARCH
To search effectively, you must have ideas, intuitions. Above all, you must put these ideas, these intuitions to the test of coherence. The greater the consistency, the more likely there is to have progressed.
It is also necessary to broaden the field of ideas and intuitions to subjects other than the immediate environment of living beings. The universe is our environment. It is necessary to keep a lot of humility before this infinity of time and space that surrounds and contains us.
During my research, I came across an interesting book by IVAN IVANOVITCH alias Claude Delarose VICTORIAM GLORIA MUNDI ALCHIMIE.
This book contains a lot of information in a concentrated form and is very easy to read. There is one thing about this book that struck me. The author takes the universe of stars and planets as a model and wonders whether we were not made like them.
With the Ondevit method, it is possible to discover a lot of information about the energetic composition of human beings in particular. I asked myself the opposite question. The stars, the planets would they not be made up structurally like us.
We are made up of matter (the body) separated by a black layer from an energetic part invisible to the eye.
The author’s hypothesis is consistent with the energy construction of living beings and it is clear that if we pursue this consistency that stars have a core of hyper-concentrated dark matter separated from a luminous radiant part (partly visible) separated by a semi-impermeable layer which allows contact between the core of concentrated dark matter and the radiant envelope. This random contact between the core and the outer part causes explosions that fuel the radiation using dark matter as fuel.
It is very likely that the decrease in dark matter from the core is exponential and that it leads to an explosion of the core of the dark matter it contains, thus creating planets or stars according to the following scenario.
At the time of the explosion, a black hole will be created, of which we will see certain properties.
The planets if we follow the human model would have a hyper-condensed core of light surrounded by a semi-insulating layer and a « shell » of hyper-concentrated dark matter which constitutes the matter we know. One can imagine an enormous concentration of photons at the center of the earth. The random contact between dark matter and light will create the matter we know by capturing condensed photons which become electrons.
This core of hyper-focused photons diminishes over time until the planet implodes. This will create one or more white holes.
Black holes have a rather extraordinary property that we discovered with the Ondevit method. Among them we have discovered immense sources of vital energy which force us to ask ourselves the question of whether black holes are not the sources of life on earth and in the universe in general.
Obviously, there would be an infinity of big bangs.
All these remarks are part of the network of coherence that surrounds everything that I have just stated.
It’s about research, don’t forget, but also consistency with what we know.

To end this part, I would like to say that the Ondevit method is based on two pillars:
– Written words, symbols etc.
– The detection of vital energy thanks to polyhedral antennas.
It is by improving these two elements that we have brought the Ondévit method to where it is today.
Our research on genetic diseases has brought about such improvements in children with very different genetic diseases such as trisomy and muscular dystrophy that we believe are on the right track and hope that it continues for a long time to come.
We have made enormous progress in the field of genetic diseases, protection against viruses, degeneration, rejunavation, etc.
To research, you have to remove the word impossible from your vocabulary but also accept the possible.
Claude Onillon

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