In some countries and for reasons, often religious, many people do not want to be vaccinated because of the side effects of the products injected.
For these people, Ondévit offers an effective alternative. We have results from clients who have freed themselves from viral infections such as the papilloma virus (2 cases in 2017), HIV virus (1 case in 1995!).
Ondévit does not kill the virus but gives the client the possibility of having a specific energy to protect themselves against a bacterial or viral attack. In popular language we speak of strength.
We have such experience that we can say with almost certainty that (viral) infections can not only be relieved but that Ondevit clients in more than 90% of cases will clear themselves of the infection in a short time.
The restrictions we give are that we must find or have the name of the virus in question.
With Ondévit, there have never been any known side effects to date (2018) therefore the only thing you risk is not having a result.
Normally you should be fixed on the effectiveness of the Ondévit product at most within one hour of taking the product.

Contact the foundation for a specific product because the adjuvants have changed since the actual products have been made.
If the product does not bring relief within a quarter of an hour after taking the product, please consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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