Dear (future) customer,

Because of the Dutch and Europeans rules and regulations concerning the publicity of health products we may be obliged to ask you to register to access the web-shop.

We wish to remind you the Ondévit products are used as energetic supplements and are NOT considered as medicinal drugs (Decision of the Chief Inspector of the Health Department section Drugs May 10th 1984).

Our shop also contains products related to Ondévit. We have a few books in English.

Thank you for your understanding.


 An Ondévit product is not a homeopathic product because its manufacturing method is different.

In homeopathy, we speak of dilutions and succussions. The energy carrier of homeopathic products is usually alcohol.

An Ondévit product is a natural product because the carrier used is physiological saline with 9gr per liter of sodium chloride.

The energy carried by Ondévit products is captured by a special machine or sent to the products by electromagnetic, electric and light waves. These three energies are absolutely necessary for the life of the cells.

If you have to send Ondévit products by post or another carrier, you must clearly mention that they are energy supplements.




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