CONTENTS OF TRAININGS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

Currently only the Ondévit Online therapist training is in its Beta validation phase and will be or is already available.

The program includes 4 levels;

LEVEL 0 learn about vital energies

0 Welcome VIN 0

1 Energy of objects

2 Body-energy relationship

3 Mass appeal

4 Ondevit test

5 Other muscle tests

6 Muscle tests

7 The Laws of Good Testing

8 Scientific proof of the value of muscle testing

9 Next Class The Golden Rules of Muscle Testing

LEVEL 1 the Ondevit test

0 Welcome VIN 1

1 Cards

2 Products

3 Prepare for the Ondévit test

4 First test

5 Different Ways to Test

6 Bonus use of standard products

7 Next lesson

LEVEL 2 the use of written words

0 Welcome Lvl 2

1 Preparing for a test

2 End a test

3 Explain the results

4 Protection of the therapist

5 Hypoglycemia food

6 Phenomena of healing

7 Bonuses

8 Next lesson

LEVEL 3 advanced techniques

0 Welcome Lvl 3

1 Introduction to techniques

2 Symptomatic techniques

3 Techniques after weak test

4 Mental Techniques

5 Techniques and alphabet letters

6 Space Techniques

7 Techniques test principle

8 Techniques new alphabets

9 Techniques combinations 5 elements

10 App word combinations

11 Language construction technique

12 Neurology Discoveries

13 Combination of techniques



Further training is in preparation. In particular the Farmagie training which includes a cabinet with Ondévit products to allow you to compose all the products you want.

Advanced training is also planned for the longer term.

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