TRAINING ONDÉVIT® Ondévit therapist ?

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No healthcare professional achieves 100% success.

All serious professionals are on the lookout for anything that can improve their results.

It is true that very few techniques are as unlimited in their possibilities as the Ondevit method.

This does not mean that the Ondévit therapist will have 100% positive results, we can only say that he will have 0% negative results (no side effects known to date).

This means that each healthcare professional will be able to use their knowledge with Ondévit to further improve the results of their practice.

You can do this in several ways:

– By following an Ondévit training (which we recommend)

– By using the standard products which are listed in the following menu

– request that we make specific products for your practice. We can support you in the development of such products.


If your product develops well, we plan to let you share in the profits from the sales. This program has been planned for a long time but is taking time to be finalized.


No medical degree is required but knowledge of anatomy and physiology is strongly recommended.

If you already have training as a therapist, it is advisable to review it with the Ondévit point of view.

The study of acupuncture and the 5 elements will make it easier for you.

The method is open but the rules of muscle testing are fixed. It will guarantee you an incomparable personal development.

CONDITIONS to follow these courses:

It takes a strong will to learn new things and especially to experience what is taught to you.

It is not enough to learn the content of the course by heart, you must learn to live the method so that you and your customers derive the greatest benefit from it.

Understanding the mechanisms of the Ondevit test is fundamental.

When you have taken this course and when you have applied the method to about twenty clients, you will be able to apply to join the closed club of confirmed Ondévit therapists.

Your colleagues  will give you the approval to wear this title of Ondévit therapist and you will become a member of the council of the order of Ondévit therapists.



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