ONDEVIT PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST OR FAMILY THERAPIST?
Most Ondevit therapists began their training to help a loved one, a child, a parent.
It’s a great motivator.
With practice, you will come into constant contact with your client’s struggle to get rid of his illness.
This often requires strong motivation to continue. Ondévit does not exclude any other therapy.
However, we recommend avoiding therapies that cause you to lose vital energy.
You will be confronted with your lack of knowledge in areas that concern life because if we knew everything it would not be worth learning.
Some, starting from these experiences, have embarked on professionalism, sometimes with success.
In any case, you need an inexhaustible thirst for learning
You will need to learn anatomy, physiology, pathology as and when required for your clients. This represents an investment of time.
Do not believe those who claim that with a wave of a magic wand you can « almost) cure everything.
Health is built over a lifetime and destroyed in an instant. We must therefore be realistic when embarking on such an adventure.
The first thing to consider is whether you have mastered your technique well enough to establish yourself as a therapist.
Ondevit gives you Ondevit training and everything you need to use the Ondevit method, but there is a lot of other knowledge that you must acquire. Acquiring this knowledge even as you need to help your customers takes time. Do you have this time?
You have to invest and invest for yourself
Helping people to heal themselves is not free for either the client or the therapist.
It is absolutely necessary to achieve harmony between the rates you ask for and the aid you provide.
Health is priceless up to a certain limit in our society but we cannot take charge of the deficiencies, the injustices of society while a society of harmony has not been installed.
We do not advise those who do not have sufficient motivation to set up as a professional Ondevit therapist.
It is better to gradually build your practice from family or acquaintances.
There are easy successes that you will learn during training.
You have great freedom to organize your Ondévit practice, but you have to accept its successes and failures.
The Ondévit training does not give you the key to financial success but it is certain you will be able to live very well, others have done it.
Ondévit, by its approach to health problems by an energy independent of your energy, is so new that whatever profession of therapist or doctor you practice you will always have something to learn from the Ondévit method.
Ondévit can help you fill in some points of the method you are using. Or, on the contrary, you can give Ondévit a plus that it lacks.
You are a doctor and you no longer want to use chemicals, Ondévit can help you reduce the side effects of chemicals. Can you gradually integrate Ondévit into your practice by using the strengths of Ondévit?
The Ondévit muscle test is unique. It is not a simple physical exercise but it is above all an energetic, mental exercise which will teach you to know yourself.
Learning to become absent from your client’s healing process may be frustrating at first, but it is an essential attitude to reach the heights of personal evolution.
We are open to any questions you may ask us.
So make the right choice

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