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How do you take the drops?

For fastest possible absorption into the body it is recommended to take the drops directly into the mouth.
It is possible to take the drops from a (non‑metal) spoon, but care should be taken to take the drops separately from each bottle. Do not mix the drops on the spoon!
The drops from the different bottles can be taken one after the other.
It is not recommended to dilute the drops with water.

How many drops a day?
For adults it is recommended, unless otherwise prescribed, to take a dosage of 5 drops 3 times daily from each bottle.
For children the dosage is lower: 2 drops twice daily, unless otherwise prescribed.

When and for how long?
It is not important at which time the drops are taken. It is permitted to take them before, during or after meals.
The drops need to be taken either until the next treatment or until all bottles are empty.

How do you store the bottles?
Never put Ondevit drops at a distance of less than 50 cm away from an electrical appliance or a magnetic field (micro‑wave, television, computer, clock‑radio, etc.).
Boiling the drops destroys their effectiveness. The security check at airports does not influence the effectiveness.

 What could be expected after you have recei­ved an Ondevit® treatment?
Already, during the Ondevit test a beginning is made with the improvement of the energy‑ circu­lation. The Ondevit drops continue, expand and intensify the treatment.
The body will be restoring itself and this can be­come noticeable by physical and/or emotional reactions such as:
‑ a temporary aggravation of present complaints;
‑ a temporary return of former complaints;
‑ headaches caused by the discharge of waste‑ materials from the body;
‑ a feeling of fatigue or exactly the opposite ‑ hy­peractivity.

These reactions may occur immediately after the test, but also at a later point in time, even after all the drops have been taken. Despite the understandable disappointment about such a re­lapse it is important to realize that such a reaction should be viewed as a positive one: the body is getting rid of disturbing elements.

Only in cases where there is a violent reaction it is recommended to stop taking the drops for about 2 days, after which time one could gradually start taking the drops again until the recommended dosage has been reached.
To aid in the cleansing process and to minimize reactions, it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of (mineral) water a day.


 Always take your bottles with you when you see your therapist. Empty bottles will be recy­cled, the ones which aren’t empty yet will be used during your test.


Why a bloodsugar‑regulating diet?

Because of our present eating habits a lot of pe­ople suffer from a strongly fluctuating blood sugar level (hypoglycemia) which could lead to physi­cal and/or emotional problems. This is the reason why your Ondevit therapist could advise you to follow a bloodsugar‑regulating diet.

If your present eating habits differ greatly from this diet, you should be prepared for a strong re­action: a very strong craving for sweets, headaches, moodiness, depression, etc. In this case it is recommended to change gradually.

Even when you are used to this diet, you could have a reaction, most of the time this occurs after approximately 4 weeks (for children this could be approximately 8 days).

This is normal. Do try, however, to stick to the diet and try not to give in to your craving for sweets. The stronger you are, the faster the hypoglycemia will be overcome.


Blood sugar regulating diet

General guidelines:

‑ do have regular meals: 3 main meals, one morning‑, afternoon‑ and evening snack;
 -do not eat too much at one meal and divide your food equally over the 3 meals and  3 snacks; chew slowly and well (as a rule: chew 80 times, then swallow;
‑ do drink at least 2 liters (mineral) water per day;
‑ do not drink during meals;
‑ do exercise or walk regularly.







Not permitted



All kinds except those li­sted, 3-4 times a week


Pork & pork products, breaded products




All kinds except those listed, 1-2 times a week


Mussels, oysters, eel





All kinds, especially raw, small portions sweet corn, legumes


Vegetables prepared with starches




Buckwheat, millet, barley, oats, brown rice, 2 med. potatoes


pasta (unless whole whe­at), pizza made with white flour, white rice, all white flour products




Healthfood-store margari­ne butter, cold- pressed oils (olive & safflower)


Fats that have heated too many times at high tempe­rature





Small portions twicw daily incl. fruit juices & sand­wich spreads


Dried fruit, raisins, figs, dates, grapes, bananas, melons




Cheese, quark, biological yoghurt, eggs, biological buttermilks


Sweetened milk, custards, pudding, etc




Whole wheat or sour dough, healthfood-store crackers or rice crackers


White bread


Sandwich fillings


(Aged) cheese, egg, quark, cotage cheese, marmite, lean meats (no pork), let­tuce, cucumbers, tonma­toes, nuttbutters, sesame tahini, tartex


Peanutbutter, sweet pro­ducts (jams & jellies)




Herbal teas, mineral wa­ter, vegetable juice, meat stock, coffe subst- itute : Bambu, Pacha, Yannoh, Kur-Molke


Coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, cacao




Seeds, olives, all raw nuts (except peanuts)


Sugar, honey, pastries, cookies, candies, chocola­tes, thickened sauces and soups, tabacco

Note that in the case of declared hypoglycemia or simply energy, the diet is an essential element for your well-being.

If, after reading this information you still have questions, please contact your Ondevit7 therapist.

Never hesitate to contact your physician or specialist

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