It is generally accepted that human beings have three major parts:
-the mind subject to all kinds of speculation and often associated with the brain.
-the (vital) energy of the body which disappears after the death of the physical body.
-the physical body with its endocrine system and all the other systems that we know. The physical body remains inert after death.
Of course when we talk about health, we are going to talk about illness!
In no case would I like to compare the Ondevit method with modern medicine.
Each uses different principles and therefore each method has its advantages and disadvantages.
Modern medicine uses the paradigm of the molecule because for it the vital energy does not exist.
Modern medicine treats symptoms and diseases by using statistics to show that the molecules it uses bring a better feeling to patients compared to the side effects that these molecules cause in patients.
Ondevit does not cure symptoms or illnesses. Ondevit only gives energy for the client to heal himself from his symptoms and illnesses. In short, this means that the client may not want to heal. This happens sometimes.
The energy given by Ondévit does not always meet the needs of the client but it is a question of progress in the techniques of using written words in relation to magnetism currently there are more than thirty different techniques .
The Ondevit principle is also different. For Ondévit the image of the cause of a client’s problems is in the environment (energy).
We approach the Ondévit treatment by testing the influence of the environment as a whole because ultimately we all have a similar environment with a body, family, friends, colleagues, home, vehicle, etc.
This wide range already allows a client to « reframe » himself in this environment.
We have found that in almost all cases the cause of customer problems is found in a disharmony with the general environment.
Temporary fatigue, irritability, an unsuitable diet and other symptoms reveal a way of life that is not in harmony with this environment. This is what we call an early stage of hypoglycemia.
What about degenerative diseases? Cancer, Alzheimer’s and other genetic diseases.
Since Ondevit claims to bring vital energy this kind of disease should disappear quickly. YES BUT everything depends on the stage of evolution of the disease. There are points of no return perhaps linked to the sufferings which would be greater to heal oneself than to die.
Ondevit is a method that evolves rapidly according to the global energy in which the earth is. There are protocols that work for a while but need to be adapted depending on the ambient energy.
Viral infections are a special form of illness.
Imagine living in salt water. You will be immune to freshwater predators.
On the other hand, if you come to live in fresh water, these predators will be able to attack you.
Imagine that your energy places you in an area where viruses cannot live. You will not be attacked.
The energy zone in which you live determines your level of immunity.
Medicines or vaccines give you a short immunity but basically your immunity quickly returns to its old level and maybe lower because vaccines have side effects. You close a door but you open windows.
Ondevit products can be injected but no study has been done on the duration of immunization.
On the other hand, if we take these specific products regularly, it will be possible to maintain the degree of immunity at a high level.
If you are still hesitating to consult an Ondevit therapist, look in the ONDEVIT THERAPISTS section to see their statistics.
Ondévit does not claim to replace any therapy.
We believe that good health is the combination of good food, a healthy lifestyle and energy. To circulate energy better, the human body needs movement and sport is a good way to do this.
Don’t forget that the medium for Ondévit energies is salt water and NEVER since 1983 have we had side effects directly linked to Ondévit products, so the only risk you run is to feel better!

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