ONDÉVIT® Philosophy

                                                                                           THE ONDEVIT PHILOSOPHY (SHORTLY)
The Ondevit philosophy can be defined by the term pragmatic.
We all know that science does not hold the truth because as a Nobel Prize winner said so well « if science held the truth, it would no longer be necessary to search ».
I would add that not only does science not hold the truth? but if it continues as it is doing now it risks drifting further and further away from it.
In short, as no one holds the truth, the Ondevit philosophy respects all beliefs and religions.
We are convinced that the true religion is the INDIVIDUAL belief that respects all others.
We believe that everyone’s beliefs are respectable whatever they are on the sole condition of not creating obligations for others.
This is in total opposition to the single thought system.
Individual freedom is the rule.
In the area of ​​relationships with others, respect is the rule. The harmony of exchanges is the only way to guarantee this freedom.
.This involves not attacking others and/or at least correcting aggression as much as possible if it occurs.
Nobody is perfect, it is necessary to make the best progress to achieve this ambitious objective.
It is clear that at a certain moment, when there is total incompatibility between two parties, the only way to avoid conflict is separation.
We can also wonder if this has not been the case in the past, since American civilizations have coexisted with European and Middle Eastern civilizations.
It is also evident with the development of spirituality and paradigm shifts that physical separations will be necessary.
The materialistic paradigm or that of the molecule of medicine will inevitably confront the paradigms of universal energy.
Wisdom dictates that everyone can benefit from the advantages of each of the systems.
Living in harmony with each other, living in harmony with nature, living in harmony with space and sidereal time are the goals of the Ondevit philosophy.
As utopian as it may seem to some, I can say that it is not by fighting against time and space with polluting machines that we will conquer space.
Admittedly, this conquest of space is legitimate and I do not know of an alternative to what currently exists, but I am certain that there are other means that we do not yet know of to do it.
Just as there are other ways to look at medicine than with the paradigm of the molecule or the scalpel, there are other possible paths. Ondévit is one of these paths.
This does not mean that what exists is totally bad, but it would be smart to leave each approach where it excels without trying to destroy the other.
We have already begun to break the taboo that there is nothing beyond the speed of light. (Summerfeld, Feinberg etc.)
The barrier has been crossed if we accept that this barrier works in both directions it would already be a revolution.
I let you meditate on these words and let you try the Ondévit method to allow you to form your opinion.

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