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The scientific term is used in all sauces depending on the snake or the truth that one wants to make swallow to his interlocutor.
The increase in the power of the means of disseminating information means that words play an increasingly important role.
Didn’t Confucius say that the value of an individual depends on his word given.
There are several forms of science.
In terms of truth all his sciences are to varying degrees limited by the understanding of the subject treated in a certain context.
Thus mathematics are exact sciences but in a statistical context they are or try to be exact in their uncertainty.
In the physico-chemical sciences, truth is linked to experience. Medicine tries to classify itself in this category but only the physico-chemical aspect is concerned. Medicine is considered by most practitioners to be an art.
The humanities are related to the information that we get from observation. We try to codify the social, the psychological, the relational, etc.
Ondévit throughout this panel is in the attempt to understand the environment as a whole.
Ondévit is concerned with all energy exchanges related to the life of an individual but to life in general.
The goal is to harmonize these exchanges at all physical and spiritual levels.
Ondévit does not have the capacity (for the moment and perhaps never) to measure with measuring instruments such as voltmeters and other more sophisticated ones such as magnetic resonance, the energies used.
We measure energies by the effects they have on a living being. In the case of humans we use muscle power.
To be more precise, we isolate the « gastrocnemius » to measure its resistance to an opposing force.
Tests performed with a probe that measured finger pressure force showed that the results of manual muscle testing using the gastrocnemius were identical to measurements with the probe in more than 60% of cases. By eliminating the extreme cases, we arrived at more than 70%.
They are scientific results with the same criteria as any other measurement. It is normal for the measuring instrument to have limitations in its accuracy. It is also normal that the chosen method has limitations.
These measurements made on the effects of energies solely by their radiation on the human body clearly show that this is not the placebo effect in the sense commonly used by scientists.
With such results we are in the presence of an energy that influences an individual’s strength and health.
Therefore, the use of this energy will give strength to an individual so that he can heal himself.
There is also the dark side that would allow malicious individuals to make an individual lose strength and therefore make him sick.
Users of the Ondévit method are supervised and trained to use it properly.
If this energy was only used for that, it would already be a real breakthrough, but the discovery and use goes much further.
Observations made on customers treated with Ondévit show universal functioning of this energy.
This is how we have seen during strong reactions to the excitation of the combination magnetism / written words that we use, a luminous energy emerges from the body.
This led us to hypothesize that the energy of life was dark energy as the light emitted released the tensions within certain areas of dark energy in a living body.
By analogy we concluded that the sun must have had a core of dark energy particles that shed light. The earth, on the other hand, must have had a core of light energies, for example highly concentrated photons. Between the two extremes, as with the light explosions that occur at customers, there is a thin « empty » layer that separates them.
In the world of research Ondévit is not alone. Each, with its means, competes for exceptional results.
Competition to improve human health is healthy provided it is not polluted by other perverse external factors.

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