ONDÉVIT® Explanation

                                                   THESE WAVES THAT SURROUND US AND INFLUENCE US.

We are crossed by multiple waves starting with those we produce such as electromagnetic waves from radio, television, mobile phones, microwaves etc.  Scientists know that when we are bombarded by waves of any kind, some of it passes through us and some of it stays with us. The other part is thoughtful. Electromagnetic waves have an influence on our health. They can have a negative or positive influence.

Not so long ago, scientists discovered that our planet could pass through electromagnetic clouds of solar origin capable of disrupting electricity distribution networks.
Even more recently, we discover that there are waves of galactic origin that bombard the earth. There is even talk of wave highways, which criss-cross the galaxies.
In good Gauls the saying that says that they were afraid of only one thing: « that the sky falls on their heads » could well be disillusioned by noting these scientific discoveries.
In short, our health is also influenced by electromagnetic or electrical waves or energies that have very different sources.I was going to forget the most common source which is that of human relations. Has it ever happened to you that after a meeting with one or more people you are empty, without energy.
Didn’t it occur to you that it could be someone who was causing this, often unconsciously?
Of course, lifestyle, food, activities are sources of health or disease that should not be overlooked, but let’s just look at the energies that surround us.
Seeking to determine which energies influence us negatively is legitimate.
These energies all have in common the fact that we do not see them and often do not feel them. But they do exist.

Would it be abnormal to discover this universe of energies?
Professor Montagnier himself said that the future of health lay in energy medicine.
Energy is something universal.

Could there be a universal therapy?
It would be the one who would be able to modify the waves that strike the earth and its living beings to neutralize them if necessary and amplify them if they are useful.
It is a dream that is not as unreal as that.
The Ondévit method makes it possible to capture waves, which strike the earth and to make them usable for healing.
To achieve this, there are two main lines:

The antennas to capture its waves and the information to tell them where they should go.

This is exactly what we do when we use our car. We take gas (energy) at the pump. We start the engine which drives the wheels. To achieve our goal, we give information so that the car goes where we want.
It is the same thing with Ondévit energy with an essential difference which is the source of energy.
The Ondévit energy source is not of material origin but is found in a universe parallel to ours that our senses cannot feel.

The information we give to this energy is that of written words.
Associated with magnetism the words direct the information to indicate the destination of the energy.
Logic ? in any case it is coherent and there is no need to have studied a lot to see that it works.

                                                                         LET’S GET INTO THE THICK OF IT.

                                                                                   UNIVERSAL MEDICINE

Ondévit can be considered as one, or maybe even, the universal medicine.
There are many reasons to think so.

-using written words

In practice therapists realize that they can make an energy diagnosis on a client even if this diagnosis is not made in the client’s native language.
As an example, I would cite the case of this client of Arabic mother tongue who had been tested with a standard protocol in Dutch.
The therapist had found the word “baas” which means boss.
Indeed the client had had major problems with his boss.
I myself tested the names of acupuncture meridians in Hebrew and did the same thing in French. The results were almost identical.
When we know that the energy diagnosis is already the beginning of the treatment we can say that whatever the language the result will be similar.
The energy of the written words would therefore be linked to a universal language whatever the language.
This means that when you treat a disease for a client, you are treating, in a way, this disease for all the people who have it.
It also means that you will achieve full human immunity to this disease in the long term. Except that this energy will not be absorbed by those who do not want it.


With the energy diagnostics that we have done on customer photos, with the energy transfers that we do regularly, we can say that Ondévit energy does not lose its information with distance and regardless of the intermediate means, which is used to transport it.
There is, however, a form of energy, which can block the transmission of Ondévit  energy.

This energy is that of the client’s will.

Our universe is so designed that everything and its opposite exists.

It is difficult to think that someone does not want to be cured and yet Ondevit therapists are confronted with it every day at more or less important levels.

This is particularly valid for energy diagnostics whether done manually or with a machine.

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