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                                                                                     THE EXTRAORDINARY STORY OF THE ONDEVIT DISCOVERY

All started for me in this world a Good Friday, the 7th, April 1944, at 20 o’clock. Of my childhood, I kept some flash images: a slap in the face from my father, but also the good fortune to be in Gérard Philippe’s arms who, on the statements of my mother, liked me a lot. I kept of this relation some images, and the memory of the contact, with a very sweet energy but very strong.

My grandfather was sharecropper in a farm, who was in fact the castle of Jules Verne’s wife: the Castle of La Fuye. And strange coincidence, one of the first people who has used the electro-acupuncture in France was the De La Fuye’s doctor, and this family has others celebrities.

Near my ten years old, I knew my hereditary legacy with some nosebleed’s that nothing could stop, even enough the K-vitamins drops, that I put in my nose thanks to some plugs. I perfectly remember the sensation of this liquid in my throat, and one of the blood as well during the nosebleed’s crisis.

I knew at that moment the relativity of the physical life and the value of the spiritual life, which was reflected by devotion, exaggerated for my age, in the catholic religion, which was specifically of my family.

I quickly understood that there was a life after the life, and that the death was not a problem. It was already for me the continuation of a kind of life. The death was really natural, it is important to say that, during these nosebleeds, I felt a helplessness that I put my  condition of life in the hands of the divinities, for which I believed.

I remember well of my first new steps, after these eight days in bed with the fear of a new nosebleed, which were difficult because of my big weakness. This period let me some memories of  exteriorization and a very particular contact with my body. The following years were for me in the religion. The rattle of a friend, dead in the church, when I was goodhearted child, is an event that impressed me. Some people thought that there was something suspicious. Because to die like that, arriving in late for the mass, or else you’re a holy, otherwise it can be a hard punishment. His parents did not cry and I was very impressed by the big belief of these persons had, concerning the future of their dead son. This belief in the religion and God was, in the same time, reassuring and abnormal. They were sure, that he went near to God. And to increase my confusion, the flowers grew better on his tomb than on the others. Like that, at 22 years old, I obtain my diploma in electronic Engineering with atomic energy specialty. My son, Philippe, was born in October. After, I did military service as electronic and administrative assistant. During this idle period, I had the impression to forget all that I learnt at the university. And, nevertheless, I had to use that I learnt, or more exactly, that it stayed in my memory. At this moment I was not sure of the teaching value. Finally, I had a diploma, and for the others, my diploma had more value than my knowledge.

The only important moment of this period was the year 68’s events. Because I was soldier, I had to keep a store, and we took turns, one night working, and one night off. Our submachine-gun was full and ready to work. After a week like that, we were all able to kill, with a certainty of our right. This sensation, very strange, proves the delicate education that we had. These feelings, that I did not mow before, are important moments in a life. If we want to be creative, we have to think at the question « how to change that? » and of course if we can change that. In 1969, I entered in the International Institute of patents with a diplomatic status, which was especially for a tax refund in cigarettes, alcohol and cars. This job in documentary research was, and stay for me, very enriching, when it is not rout me.

Then, until December 1973 I think, I did not meet important events in my life, who can explain this discover. Then, I suddenly had a pain in my stomach, a blood-red saddles and a big diarrhea for 8 days, with, in the same time, dreadful pains. After this moment, I did not have seen a doctor for a long time. Like everybody, I was gone in the doctor who told me to eat some rice. The pains were dreadful, a night doctor give me some penicillin. And, insisting, I have seen a specialist. This kind man makes me a radioscopy of the intestine with this white liquid which stays in your intestine for several days. The result was clear: colitis (Crohn disease) with a medicine and the hope that all was finished.

A very severe diet permits me to control the diarrheas for a time because just after the medicine that I took gave me some rheumatism in all the articulations. I remember that at one painful moment I decided: “At 30 years old, some rheumatism, NEVER, it is not possible, I have to find a solution!”

The academic logic, that I practiced permit me to conclude, that I had only one thing to do: to live with, suffer in silence, and wait that someone give me the solution. At this moment, strength woke up in me and put many years to mature. This passive idea change me and I started to become a marginal people lost in thought. I told me that if I did not receive some solutions of my makes, I had to loaf for in another place. It is as simple as that, and it is not that you can learn in a university. You learn the absolute verity, and that must be your certainty, your social status, your life!

The first solution again acceptable was the homeopathy. With all the advices of my family and friends, I was gone to see a homeopathic doctor. I have seen him all the fifteen days, all the 3 weeks. And this kind person, who could not find some: rest with me, told me to see his young assistant. The young homeopath, he told me that my Cohn  disease was because of a psychical problem, so that I needed a psychical treatment. He gave me the name of an organization which have some miraculous techniques, and advised me to follow these techniques. So I started these techniques in April 1974, two days after the funeral of my uncle. I was very surprised, in first, that everybody told me not to think and come here to treat myself. So, thinking that the spirit can have an influence in our body, I accepted to come to discharge my spirit. After some few minutes of this technical of regression, I was so well that I left, thinking my problems finished. Unfortunately, few days after, my problems was come back. These techniques about the regression in the time changed my life. I learnt, how it was dangerous to manipulate the spirit, and in fact, I had no physical ameliorations.During the summer 1980, the holidays permit me to be better. In 1981, I separated me of my wife, with her agreement. I was without money, but with a work. and liberated of all the pressions. Few months after, I shared the life of Marie-Christine and her two daughters. Some friends gave me some names of therapists and I was looking for a new solution.

The first therapist, in September 1982, gave me vitamin’s treatment with a diet, after to see a drop of my blood. The first week of treatment was ubstantial. But, unfortunately, then it was stabilized to go down at the anterior level. The second therapist, in December 1982, did me some muscular tests and chooses like that the medicine that I needed. He also did electro-acupuncture, who was the less interesting of the treatments.

In more of that, he gave a lesson on his work. I put my name to follow this lesson with the consciousness the best way to treat me is to know myself. This lesson gave me the occasion to learn more about the body and his work. In fact, if the best method of psychotherapy could not help me, it let me the physical body to find a solution. Of all these experiences, I learned that the life is the place where you can be happy. The life must be the synonym of the good fortune. When I read, now, the medicine’s books with natural methods, I nderstand that my problem could find a solution before and in few minutes. But here was not my wav, and I must look for to find another thing more important than only for Crohn disease.

So I still followed Dutch lessons. I must do big efforts to put my knowledge of the language at an acceptable level to follow the lesson.

That surprised me a lot was the fact that the matter can influence the muscular reactions like that.
That is in complete contradiction with my knowledge, received at the engineer school.


How that was possible? Why you cannot receive this knowledge in school?

And however, it is logical to do some tests, and determinate some products that people need, there are steady results. It is a physical law that we can learn at school! These questions were in my bead all the time, obsessionally. I needed not a long time to discover the solution. Thinking a little bit: if the objects you are in contact, can influence you negatively, an ideal world can be with only objects, which can influence you positively, in others words, a world without poisons.

And because the characteristic of poison was done in relation with the radiations by the matter, it was possible to change them to obtain an energetic radiation, so an energetic food. So I was looking for some electronic circuit, which can permit me to control these mysterious energies by the matter. I discovered several circuits, and thanks to my electronical knowledge, I was looking for more simple electronic circuits. With some vitamins in a part, and some placebos in another part, and some muscular tests of measure’s instruments, I was gone of discovers to discover. During this period, near April, I succeeded to share these energies of the matter and transported them on others supports. The energy of a vitamin could be transported on a placebo. I have done some experiences on me and my wife with B12 vitamins. The result was the same than real vitamins. The essential question was to know, if a poison could become a food. The only way to know was to try. The only possibility I had was to try on animals. A simple reasoning can permit you to understand than an experience on me was limited. After small checks, I succeed to give at a mouse some wheats with poison, but treated in a machine, which changes the  waves of the matter. The mouse was not dead 1 it was possible to see it has some problems to digest the wheats, and it was suffering but it was not dead. I had the proof; we can separate the waves of the matter who influence the life. And better, without change the chemical formula of one body, we can give some characteristics at our body. Naturally with these limits, like the mouse, but more than the sciences permit me to know until this day. Of these experiences were appeared a net separation between the body energies and one of the matter. The fundamental conclusion for the health is to give at the body the matter which need, but especially the energies that it need.

In May 1983, I discovered the first principle of these energies, in the form of a big luminous explosion that my body had some problems to support. All was vibrating in a low frequency and I could feel my blood in all the parts of my body. It was very impressive. Even the sensation was extraordinary, because of the well-being I could feel, it was sure that it was not a natural state we usually know. This discovery is based on the wave’s properties which displaced quicker than the light. These waves are a kind of a think. The name Ondevit was found by my wife in a brain-storming at the same period.

In 1983, the 30th may, ONDEVIT was born with a mouse who survived at the poison. Near September, I discovered the test method with cards, after to buy some cards, which was done like Malcom Rae’s principle. Few weeks after, I discovered the way to do my own cards directly with words, and give like that at everybody the possibility to do their own cards. Few times after, I discovered the way to do tests without printed cards, but with handmade cards. Quickly, I made some products with these cards and words. A very big spring was born to make some energetic products. And in the same time some new machines appeared. Quite often, I was some glimpse of something in color with many details. It let me only to build them and that worked. I had no idea of the theory, neither the possibilities, which were inside these discoveries. The next years were used for the formulation of the energetic law that I manipulated.

In January 1984, I did a stage of a week with a therapist to test this method. I discovered in March/ April 1984 the possibility for every therapist to use themselves this method and make the products they need with the energy the alphabet letters. I was obliged to find a solution to do the products. Before this discover, I had to do the products for every patient individually, so fifteen minutes per product. I could not help many people like that, and my time to sleep was dangerously reducing.


In 1984, without know anything about the philosophic implications of the technical, the manipulations was the followings:    

The therapist tested a muscle of the patient putting and pulling under a toric magnet some cards where were written some words.

Like the result of the test, the cards stay or was pulling under the magnet.

At the end of the tests, the therapist put together the cards and made the products with the flasks of alphabet letters.

The method was born in less of one year and a half. And in May 1985, it was presented in public during an exposition for alternative medicine in Utrecht, without big success. The first lesson was in Aalden in September, and the first November, I had the possibility to buy the adjoining house of mine, to create the Ondevit center. The second lesson was just after the installation in this new center. Until this day, I have given some lessons in different countries, and especially in Holland, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Israel. Some lessons were given as well in Holland,

Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand by other therapists. And a thesis was written on Ondevit by a New Zealand therapist. The success of the therapists, who use Ondevit is very important. One thing is sure. I succeed to do the discovery of this energetic world and my body succeeded to resist at this luminous explosion.

If we can describe the spirit of the inventor by a spark, we can think that my experience trough the fire that I had is a little bit comparable. It was my first take of conscientious, this discovery was very important. It is also the certainty these energies are very dangerous and are not manipulated with ethics. When I say dangerous, it is especially for the operator. If I know what a physical pain is, and I know that again, I can tell you that it is not as important as the pain of the spirit.

These convictions impose me the secret of the discover, but also the duty to permit at other people to profit of it. The protection of this discovery is sure because of the fact that people who use it punish them on a very hard manner, and this law do not know some exceptions. So it is the proof, that if we do not impose some belief at a person, this person come back automatically at the source, so at oneself, at the image of the creator.

During all this teaching period, I found other discovers in the health domain. The visions, the intuitions were sure, and sometimes not sure, with the experience. The illness and the good health have found an energetic explanation, and then a spiritual explanation.

The illness is the chronic deficiency of energetic bundles, because of environmental pressions. The environment is the source of the illness, usually explained by the fact that people looks for this stimulation of the illness to progress in the spirit knowledge.

The good health, otherwise, it is a harmonious relation of the person and the environment. With the big experiences and the paranormal effects that the method gave me, I discover the spiritual impact of the Ondevit method. In fact, it is the real value of the method, which is more a school of the spiritual life than a method to treat the illness.

So this method can be used for physical problems (fractures, malformations …) and for psychical problems. This method brings in all the case a new spirit dimension, important for the development of the person.

The philosophical and technical values this method gives are the most important of the Ondevit message. We are going to see some of them together. It is this educative aspect which gives a universal character in this Ondevit method to understand the functioning of the person like a spirit being, to understand the matter, its aspect of creation and its spiritual traps. The life, the death will become more understanding for you. With these experiences, you can select your life rules. The application showed how the implications of this method about the functioning of the person and the society are important. And nevertheless, I am sure that we do not consider it again enough important. The implications are as the health level than the sciences level, without forget the religions and the standards of living.


It was already logical that the energy which was just discovered was an energy that goes quicker than the light and was in relation with the spirit. It is a steady energy: it is as useful in the excess as in the deficiency.


With these experiences since the start of the Ondevit discover, it is logical that the matter has some waves which can influence the physical strength of one person. This physical strength, used to determinate the necessity in energy of one person, can change very quickly.

This lesson is going to try to enter in this domain describing the ownerships of these waves and its effects. Like that, we can finally see that the energy which is in the matter is a spiritual energy, or in relation with the spiritual energy, and it can be separated like the human spirit is separated of the body. The classical physic does not know this kind of energy and, nevertheless, all the Ondevit tests are here to prove that this energy really exists. The matter cannot think, and however, the energies that she contains can influence our thinks. There are several kinds of spirit energies. That rejoins the ideas about energy’s continuum. We can already say, like we have seen, that the energies of the matter are a kind of energy which goes quicker than the light speed. We will see that these waves permit to understand better the functioning of the people, but especially are an important warning not to fall in the trap of the matter. Be careful, not to fall in the trap of the matter is not totally forget the matter, but to study it to understand the functioning of the person’s spirit. These establishments will have some important consequences in the organization of the society, and in all the domains. The health domain is one of the favorites, but all the environment is concerned by this discovery. We can be sure that the actual discovers will end one place in this new diagram, and we do not have to throw again them.

There is no so long time that we were teaching the atom like a perfect model of the neutron, proton and electron’s organization. These notions are well changed but the model is always useful.


The main goal of the spirit is the evolution in the human essential being and the spiritual and mental understanding of the universe where we live.

The Ondevit method had just been born thanks to the results obtained by a few pioneers. May they be warmly thanked here!

 Translation by Jurek Keur

Since the writing of this article many discoveries have been done. The Ondevit method had just been born thanks to the results obtained by a few pioneers. May they be warmly thanked here!

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